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Best of Backcountry Petite: July 2017

By on August 1, 2017

Backcountry Petite

July 2017: Thank you to everyone who has stopped by Backcountry Petite, read our posts, left comments, as well as engaged on social media.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the posts so far and found them helpful.  If you have ideas to share, please leave comments, send an email, or reach out on one of the following:

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If you’re new to Backcountry Petite or missed any posts, here’s a roundup of the posts from July 2017:

 New! Food & Fitness

Weekly Workouts and Food Finds #1 – I started doing crossfit recently and share my workouts, experience, and progress.  If you’re petite and don’t think you can do weightlifting, please read this!  I also share my current diet staples and favorite food finds of the week (homemade, store-bought, protein bars, drinks, etc).

Weekly Workouts and Food Finds #2


Resources and Guides

Best Gear for Hiking & Camping – Haven’t been camping or thinking about doing more hiking?  I share my favorite gear for hiking and camping as it has worked in my experience.  This includes some petite-specific recommendations!

Amazon Prime Day – Best Deals for Adventurers – Hopefully you didn’t miss some of the great deals of Prime Day.  Either way, you might want to check out some of the selections I found on Amazon.

Hiking With Dogs (Safety and Rules) – Please be aware and cautious when you hike with your dog in order to keep them safe and happy.  Remember that your dog can’t speak it’s needs so you have to be prepared.



Petite Athletic Fashion (Upcoming Sale Picks) – If you’re petite and looking for some great additions to your fitness wardrobe, check out the items I selected from a sale earlier this month.  Even though the sale was earlier in the July, many of these items are still available!



National Parks on the East Coast – Yes, sadly a lot of the National Parks are far from the East Coast, but there are a few gems to make sure and visit if you live here.

Do You Have A Full-Time Outdoor Adventure Job? – Still looking for people interested in sharing about their outdoor jobs to be featured on Backcountry Petite!

6 Instagrams Will Inspire You To Hike Pennsylvania ASAP – You might not think of Pennsylvania as a top place to hike, but some of these photos will make you think twice.



Guest Post

Living in Costa Rican Wilderness (by Ryan Biddulph) – Ever wonder what it’s like to live in remote Costa Rica?  Ryan shares his experience living in the wilderness for 6 weeks, what he ate, the living conditions, and what a typical day is like.



An EPIC Giveaway! – I know, I know you missed it.  I gave away a cool price pack from EPIC.  But, stay tuned to Backcountry Petite for future giveaways!


Best of [Other Blogs]

Best Adventure & Travel Blog Posts of the Week – If you’ve been following Backcountry Petite, you know we occasionally feature other blogs that inspire.  This week’s features include female-focused travel companies, an update from 7 months of crossfit, and some great NYC bucket list items!




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