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By on September 1, 2017

Backcountry Petite

August 2017: Thank you to everyone who has stopped by Backcountry Petite, read our posts, left comments, as well as engaged on social media.

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Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the posts so far and found them helpful.  If you have ideas to share, please leave comments, send an email, or reach out on one of the following:

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If you’re new to Backcountry Petite or missed any posts, here’s a roundup of the posts from August 2017:



Resources and Guides

Northville-Placid Gear Guide – If you have been thinking about hiking the Northville-Placid Trail in the Adirondacks, or really, most hikes up in the Adirondacks, make sure you have the proper gear!  This post features our recommended gear based on experience.  If you’re interested in learning more about the trail, make sure to check back to our older associated posts: Northville-Placid Trail Backpacking Guide and Northville-Placid Trail Backpacking Photos.


Weddings for Adventurous Couples (with Zola) – In collaboration with Zola, an app and website for those preparing for weddings or attending, this post will give you gift ideas for adventurous couples.  Please, if you have any weddings on your radar make sure to check out this post as it may be very helpful to you!

Guide to Baltimore – Inner Harbor – A great East Coast destination, Baltimore has a lot to offer.  This guide offers suggestions on where to stay, what to know, how to get around, what to eat, and what to do.




10 Inspirational Petites – I’m always super inspired by other petite women that are strong, smart, and accomplished.  Check out this list of 10 petite women that have come really far regardless of size!  Their influence, strength, and power is inspiring!




33 Things and 32 is Gone – An “ode” to my birthday this year.  This is a quick and fun post about what the past year has brought me and I also share 33 things about myself.
dirty hiker face
AllTrails Asks: #whatsonmylist – In collaboration with AllTrails (I am an ambassador), I share a list of local hikes that I’d love to get to soon!  If you haven’t heard of AllTrails but love to hike, this is a great post for you!  Or, if you’re interested in some challenging hikes around NYC, my #whatsonmylist list will give you some great ideas.
Use code “backcountry-petite” for 33% off AllTrails Pro!


Guest Post

5 Incredible Waterfall Hikes in Colorado – This is a guest post by Feral Escape, a fellow adventure travel blog.  I was happy to feature a great post away from the East Coast since I’ve been stationed here for awhile.  If you’re in Colorado and looking for some beautiful views, check out their selections and beautiful photos!


 Food & Fitness

Weekly Workouts and Food Finds – here, here, and here.  For now I am discontinuing these and will be doing different fitness-related posts.


Best of [Other Blogs]

Best Adventure & Travel Blog Posts of the Week – If you’ve been following Backcountry Petite, you know we occasionally feature other blogs that inspire and educate.  This week I featured a post about ecotoursim, a guide to Maine, and an interview with an avid hiker.




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