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Petite Picks for Cyber Monday

By on November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday
I’m no fashion queen but in the last couple years I’ve started following more fashion blogs in order to get out of buying clothes from the Junior’s section. …

Athletic Fashion Gear Petites

Petite Athletic Fashion – Sale Picks

By on September 21, 2017

Petite Athletic Fashion
So my gym was taking orders for newly designed shirts and I thought it’d be fun to order one.  I placed an order for the smallest size…


10 Inspirational Petites

By on August 3, 2017

Being Petite
Since this blog is Backcountry Petite, I think it’s important to discuss being petite such as options and ideas for petite gear and inspiration for other petite women…

Athletic Fashion Gear Petites

Petite Athletic Fashion (Upcoming Sale Picks!)

By on July 20, 2017

Petite Athletic Fashion
I’ve decided to add a new section to the blog: petite athletic fashion.  I follow a few petite fashion blogs mainly for tips, ideas, and inspiration.  I’ve…