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Petite Athletic Fashion (Upcoming Sale Picks!)

By on July 20, 2017

Petite Athletic Fashion

I’ve decided to add a new section to the blog: petite athletic fashion.  I follow a few petite fashion blogs mainly for tips, ideas, and inspiration.  I’ve always had a hard time finding age-appropriate clothing that fits properly.  If you’re not petite you may not realize it can be super difficult to find clothing that fits properly especially without needing to be altered.  At 5’1″, almost every pair of pants or jeans that I buy has to be hemmed.  Most dresses do not fit without tailoring as well.  

Do you relate to the “struggles” of being petite?

As an outdoorsy girl that prefers jeans and a t-shirt versus dresses and heels, I sometimes find it hard to relate to the petite fashion blogs.  Although I definitely like a lot of outfits other bloggers feature, many times they aren’t styles or outfits that I could ever see myself wearing.  My style is focused more on being comfortable and often athletic-based about 90% of the time that I’m not at work.  So, I wanted to add my own view on petite fashion with items that I’d love to wear or outfits that I already own and love.

If you’re looking for some more fashion-focused petite blogs, I recommend the following:


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Petite Picks

Nordstrom has an Anniversary sale starting on July 21st.  However, you can start shopping early if you have a Nordstrom card so you’ll have access to the best sale items before the general public.  Since starting Crossfit, I’ve been looking at different athletic clothing a lot, specifically for more fitted clothing that doesn’t get in the way through the variety of exercises we do.  There’s nothing more annoying that a baggy shirt flying up and down when you’re doing burpees.   With athletic and other comfortable clothing, I have found certain brands to work much better than others.  I’ve also been reading about and eyeing some other brands I want to try…


Athletic Tops

  • Zella Strappy Back Tank – Just a disclaimer that I have yet to try Zella but they do carry XS.  According to the size guide, an XS is equivalent to a 0-2.  For women my size or smaller, this may not work well if you’re looking for something truly fitted.  Just remember that Nordstrom has free returns if something doesn’t work out.  I like that the upper back is open which is less fabric touching your body on hot summer days.

zella size guide

  • Climawear Singlet – This tank is made with “mesh-like knitting”.  Based on sizing I would also not recommend this for petites my size for many people it would be a great choice.  Unfortunately they do not have XS but if you tend to wear a S and are looking for something fitted, this style and material is great for working out.
  • Nike Muscle Tank – This tank sizes down to a XS which is supposed to be equivalent to a 0.  Again, not super tiny but still a good option for a smaller shirt.  This particular tank isn’t supposed to be super fitted either.  The lightweight fabric makes it a great option for your workout.
  • Zella Pace Tank – Another Zella selection with “perforated knit” that helps keep you cool while you sweat.  I can tell you that I have other tops with moisture-wicking fabric and there’s nothing better (sweaty cotton shirts are the worst).


Athletic Bottoms

  • Alo Glossy Leggings – Looking for something more unique for your workout?  These glossy leggings will be sure to catch everyone’s eye.  For petites these are likely to be too long (they look too long in the picture already don’t they?) but alas, hemming is part of the petite life.  These do run in an XS but the size chart measurements (XS=0-2) means that they’re not a great option for all petites.
  • Adidas Climalite – I often select a crop style simply because it means I don’t need to get my pants hemmed.  So, this 3/4 length pant might be perfect if you’re short (although it may not be 3/4 length on you).  Again, the XS=0-2 so it may or may not run small enough for you.
  • *Zella Crop Leggings – Overall these would be my top choice for a petite woman my size or smaller; these pants actually run down to an XXS.  With their sizing and cropped leg I would place my money on these leggings fitting perfectly without any modifications.  Sorry if you’re not into color because the teal color is the only option they carry.

Extra Picks: for your man

  • Nike Joggers – I love the joggers style lately and think they look great on men, too.
  • Zella Tee – I’m actually thinking about getting this for my husband during this sale.   It’s lightweight and moisture-wicking so it’s perfect both for the gym and for every day wear.  They also have 7 different color options!
  • Patagonia Better Sweater – Patagonia is one of my favorite brands, partially because they carry XXS, but also for the quality and their lifetime guarantee.  I know it’s hot outside and hard to think about the end of summer, but eventually we’ll be wearing jackets again.  Now is a great time to get your guy the perfect transition time jacket (or great for layering in the winter).

Non-sale Bonus Pick:


This shirt from Tilove Designs!


petite athletic fashion

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    July 20, 2017

    YESSSS! This is unbelievably helpful. I love that you’re as short as I am. Have never heard of these brands or petite blogs, so I have a lot to check out tonight 🙂 Thanks so much, Rachel!

  2. Reply


    July 20, 2017

    I’m a short gal so I will need to check these out!

    • Reply


      July 21, 2017

      Awesome! Short people rock 🙂 Stay tuned to my blog for more petite-related posts as well!

  3. Reply

    Jojo Hua

    July 21, 2017

    I’d have to actually be working out or doing some fitness stuff to be buying these clothes but I plan to get into it in the near future! Thanks!

    • Reply


      July 21, 2017

      You could just wear it to look sporty 🙂 Or just to be comfortable!

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