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Petite Athletic Fashion – Sale Picks

By on September 21, 2017

Petite Athletic Fashion

So my gym was taking orders for newly designed shirts and I thought it’d be fun to order one.  I placed an order for the smallest size tank top and waited a few weeks for the orders to come in.  When my tank finally came I was disappointed to find that it was huge on me!  I wear it on days that I know we won’t have a lot of cardio but with a rubberband holding the shoulder straps together and a self-tied knot on the bottom.  I’m not really into baggy clothes when I’m working out; sometimes being petite means I just have to stick with brands that I know will work for me!

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As you may have seen from the my workout updates (like this), I’ve been hitting up the gym doing mostly lifting.  Having more sweaty gym laundry to do means I check for great deals on workout clothing every now and then.  Right now, the weather is still warm and usually humid, so I primarily stick to tank tops and shorts.  But, as the leaves begin to turn I have a feeling I may be a bit more interested in switching to leggings.  I also workout with plenty of people who don’t prefer or feel comfortable in shorts so leggings are great option.  As the summer ends, a lot of athletic clothing goes on sale so everyone can focus on buying hoodies and sweats. 🙂

Petite Picks on Sale!

Athletic Wear Picks

  • Nike tank top – I think crop tees look great with spandex shorts (like Crossfit shorts) and they can really help your arm muscles pop!  🙂  Nike is always a great brand and this top is a good buy at 33% off.
  • Zella sports bra(s) (here and here) – I’m in love with the grey one (back straps showing) and actually leaning towards buying it.  It’s a great top both for training and for cardio and would easily wear this one on it’s own.  The second sports bra (blue one) is great for comfort if you’re the kind of person that always keeps their shirt on top while working out.
  • Old Navy shorts – looking for some super lightweight shorts for your workouts?  These are great for your budget and for your run.  These shorts are very lightweight and moisture-wicking.  Old Navy has a great built-in technology to help with this called “Go-Dry”.  They also have built-in briefs so don’t worry about flashing your goodies if you use these for any floor warm-ups.
  • Old Navy leggings – if you like more of a high-rise style on your pants, these are a great pick.  They’re also 7/8 length, which if you’re short like me that just means they are full length with no hemming needed! These are super budget-friendly and they also utilize their “Go-Dry” technology.
  • Gap leggings – another high-rise style of legging and these come in various colors and patterns.  Even if you’re not petite, these are for anyone since they have sizes in petite, regular, and tall.  Similar to Old Navy, Gap incorporates their own technology into these to help you stay dry (“gDry”).

Casual Wear Picks

  • Caslon chambray denim shirt – This is such a staple piece right now!  I actually have a chambray shirt like this and I love it!  It’s super versatile; you can dress it with professional style pants to wear to work or pair it with skinny jeans and dangly earrings for a night out.
  • Striped long-sleeve – I love stripes lately, pretty much anything I can get my hand on if it’s blue and white or black and white stripes!  This shirt makes for a simple casual outfit when paired with any jeans.


Professional Wear Picks

  • Gap skinny ankle pants – These pants are currently hanging out in my online shopping cart!  I really prefer to wear skinny pants in general as I find them the most flattering for my body so when I get the opportunity to wear them for work, I jump at it.  My current favorite work pants were a limited style at the Banana Republic Factory so I don’t think I can replace them!  That means I must continue to search for professional pants that I love.
  • Halogen scalloped tank – I like Halogen as a brand but I will warn that they do run big.  I own a couple Halogen shirts but they are styles that don’t need to be exactly fitted.  Pair this tank with a cute sweater and the ankle pants above and you’ll have a comfortable and cute ensemble for work.
  • J Crew Gigi pants – I also have these pants in an online shopping cart.  Looking for a way to wear leggings to work but stay professional?  These pants seem to be the answer.  The material they’re made of entitles them to be professional attire while still maintaining the style and comfort of a legging.  Win.

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    September 21, 2017

    You should check out the leggings from Victoria’s Secret. They have it in petite sizing and while it’s pricey, mine have lasted years now! 🙂

    cabin twenty-four

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      September 22, 2017


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    September 25, 2017

    Oh man, I totally relate to your story! Since there aren’t too many petite women out there, they don’t usually have XS or XXS available in bulk orders. I like how you’ve tied the tank top though. It looks great on you in the picture! Also your phone looks massive in your little hands, hahahh.

    Great clothing choices! I actually already own the striped shirt from J.Crew 😉

    Simply Lovebirds

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      September 27, 2017

      HAHAHA! love that you have the shirt 🙂

      Yes the iphone 7 plus. i debated about it but the camera is supposed to be better so i deal with a bigger phone for the tradeoff 😉

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