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33 Things and 32 is Gone

By on August 29, 2017

My 32

32 was a year to remember forever. I started the year living in Arizona and ended it living in New York City. I also started it engaged and ended it married. This year got me a new husband, and new place to live, and a new job. I started this blog, started crossfit, and went on quite a few adventures.


Bring it on, 33.


new york city

33 Things

For your enjoyment (or you don’t care at all which is totally fine), I’m sharing 33 things about me.

1) If you haven’t gathered from reading this blog, I’m petite.
2) I used to/kind of still do play the violin.
3) If you didn’t already know, I love hiking and backpacking!
4) I consider myself to have misophonia.
5) I despise cilantro and mushrooms.
6) My favorite cuisine is Korean.
7) I was born abroad, in the UK.
8) I grew up mostly in Minnesota.

9) I used to play with Barbies, Legos, and Army men.
10) I’m recovered from anorexia and “in recovery” from addiction.
11) I will try most things at least once.
12) I am fairly afraid of heights. I once lost my ticket to one of the rides on the top of the Stratosphere in Vegas and my husband is still convinced I lost the ticket on purpose.
13) I got engaged in Las Vegas (yes, the same time I lost my ride ticket).

14) My favorite season is autumn because it’s beautiful (depending on where I’m living at the time). But overall, it’s usually my favorite season.
15) I have a Master’s Degree.
16) I really enjoy eating cereal and yogurt out of a mug. My husband hates it.
17) My favorite holiday is Halloween. I still usually dress up for fun.
18) My undergraduate degree is in math. I know, the subject everyone hated.
19) I’m a huge proponent of STEM.
20) I’m currently obsessed with Larabars.
21) I am mostly (75%?) Norwegian. Yes, that’s my blonde hair and blue eyes.

22) As a kid I remember wanting to be a teacher or an astronaut.
23) For my birthdays I always got Dairy Queen ice cream cake because I don’t really care about regular cake. I would take a cookie over almost any other dessert, though.
24) I do not watch a lot of TV and movies. People are always surprised when I haven’t seen “classic” movies that everyone else has seen, like Titanic.
25) I think the best candy bar is debatable between Twix and Kit Kats. Oh and a Take 5 bar is super amazing too.
26) I tend to have more guy friends because I find it hard to find girls that want to talk about things besides shoes, clothes, and babies.
27) I might do crossfit now but I was always one of the last ones chosen in gym class. Poor short people.
28) I love my mixed-breed dog, Harlee, more than anything.

29) I know a lot of computer programming from school and self-taught.
30) I never had a clique, even in high school; I usually have a random mix of friends.
31) I am an awful singer but I’ll still do it alone in a car!
32) In high school I was in “ski club” and would go snowboarding every week.
33) I’m a dreamer. I aim high and expect a lot from myself and others. I hate mediocrity.


Relate to any of these?

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    August 29, 2017

    Yes to STEM! I’m an engineer so I love females promoting STEM. I grew up in Chicago so I always find it so funny when the south panics in snow. Happy birthday!

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      August 29, 2017

      Thank you!! And yay <3 females in STEM!

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    September 5, 2017

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, RACHEL!! I am so disappointed to have missed it by a week, but I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating! We have a few things in common! Like I am petite, played violin, hate cilantro (even though my mom cooks with it in all her meals :/) and mushrooms. I don’t really watch movies nor do I enjoy talking about shoes, clothes or babies, etc. The list goes on (don’t want to bore you). Love this post idea and might steal it for my own birthday (tomorrow) hehe. Hope for all the best on your 33rd year (32 sounded amazing, btw!)

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      September 6, 2017

      That’s so awesome! It’s great to find your “unique/odd” things in common with other people 🙂

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