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Outdoorsy Dad Gifts for Father’s Day

By on June 16, 2017

Father’s Day 2017

As you (hopefully) know, Father’s Day is this Sunday.  Now, my dad is definitely not an outdoorsy type of guy.  He would prefer to sit in his air conditioned house and read books and magazines, or play Solitaire on the computer (or Snood).

Nonetheless, when we were kids my parents took us up to Northern Minnesota some summers to stay at the cabin and he taught us to fish.  My family also took road trips across the country to visit family and to explore the beautiful “vistas”…I remember driving down Route 66 and I declared that I would become a spelunker one day.  Although not always the most adventurous person himself, my dad taught me to be curious and sparked a sense of adventure in me.

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Best Traits of my Dad

Encouragement to be well-rounded

I always wanted to make my dad proud and continued some things (like piano lessons) because I knew it brought him joy.  I chose to play musical instruments on my own but was pushed to continue during times I wanted to quit.  That taught me that I might learn to love things if I don’t give up, but if I don’t, then at least I learned a skill and didn’t give up.


Wanting the best for me

My dad would hate any boyfriend that I had because he didn’t want anything to interfere with my education; finishing college was a must and nothing could stand in the way.  He didn’t think a B was a good grade and was the parent sometimes asking “why not an A” if I came home with an A- in a class in which he knew I was capable of doing better.


A desire to never stop learning

My dad loves learning.  He’s retired and still buying books left and right even with a giant bookshelf full of books.  And he isn’t like most people who just buy them to look smart: he actually reads them all.  He researches things and sends me articles.  Anytime I would share things about my work or school with him, he researches the topic and asks me questions about it.


Letting me dream big

When I was a child my parents never discouraged me from any career.  I changed my mind constantly, wanting to be a schoolteacher one day or an astronaut another day.  I was a child with all kinds of ideas and always starting my own businesses.  They always told me that I could do anything I set my mind to, and I still believe that to this day or I wouldn’t be investing my time and energy into this blog.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Outdoorsy Dad Gifts

Regardless of my dad preferring to be indoors, my husband is someone who will go outdoors and seek adventure with me.  He has favorite brands, gear that has worked great, and a lot of items he’d love to have.  So, if you need some ideas or inspiration this Father’s Day, I’ve pulled together some great outdoorsy dad gifts that I know my husband would enjoy, or already owns and loves.

Outdoorsy Apparel

  1. prAna Hiking Shorts – my guy has a couple pairs of prAna shorts that are so comfortable they became his primary lounging shorts.  Right now living in the Northeast, we usually go hiking in long pants (ticks!) but depending on your hiking terrain, shorts are often a great option especially in the Southwest.  These shorts are made with a water-repellent finish and have a belt for adjusting waist comfort.
  2. “Take a hike” shirt – This shirt is for your hiking dad with a sense of humor.  Note that it’s cotton so it’s not a shirt to wear during hiking.  Reviews say that it fits close to a slim fit and runs a bit small so check the sizing before ordering.
  3. Patagonia Tee. This particular tee is actually one my husband has, among quite a few others.  They make great casual tees that are very comfortable!
  4. Patagonia Better Sweater. My husband really likes Patagonia and often buys his entire family Christmas gifts from their store.  The Better Sweater is super warm…


Charcoal Grill

When we lived in Arizona we bought the PK Grill and really liked it.  It’s supposed to be one of the best budget-friendly options and it’s portable!  You can easily just keep it out on your patio if you want but “PK” stands for Portable Kitchen for a reason.  The base is made of durable aluminum and is very lightweight.  For camping, the oven detaches from the base and can be used alone.  The PK Grill is known for having great heat retention as well as temperature control.  We sadly had to get rid of it to move to NYC but would likely buy the same grill if (when) we left the city.



We definitely have a few knives laying around the house but our Buck Knife is the perfect little tool for dads if they don’t already carry a small knife.  It’s great just for feeling safe out on the trail, is lightweight, and very budget-friendly.


Backpacking Gear

You can see our Complete Gear List if you’re curious about everything we own for the outdoors, but there are a few items to highlight as great outdoorsy dad gifts.

  • Big Agnes Sleeping Pad – I steal this sleeping pad when I’m camping without my husband because it’s super comfortable.  It comes in a long size for the tall dads out there!
  • Oakley Sunglasses – If you’re like me, they’re more than you think sunglasses should cost, but my husband swears by them.  I ended up getting myself some similar ones (for women) and they never get uncomfortable.  Comfort is really important on your face!



If your father doesn’t have any great photo or video gear right now, maybe it’s time to buy him something awesome!  Here are a couple of ultimate outdoorsy dad gifts if you’re looking for a higher ticket item this year.

  • Camera:  We own the Sony A6000 which was recommended to us (by a professional photographer) for a great backpacker’s camera.  It’s pretty lightweight and you can change out the lens easily depending on the type of photography you’re aiming for.
  • GoPro: Outdoorsy people love to capture their adventures!  GoPro is the most popular and easiest way to do this.  Your dad can record his favorite hiking trails or fishing trips.  I’m sure you’ll be thrilled when he wants to share his favorite moments with the family.


Is YOUR dad an outdoorsman?

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