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Weekly Workouts and Food Finds #4

By on August 12, 2017

How do you workout on vacation?

Here’s my question for you: do you workout on vacation?  If so, what do you do?  Do you go to a local gym (or hotel gym)?  Do you just use do is convenient, such as going for a run?  If you’re used to going to an organized class (such as crossfit), are you able to give yourself a similar workout to stay on top of the progress you’ve been making in terms of stamina and strength?


At the gym while on vacation.  I mean…it was deadlift day, my fave.



Workout this Week

Saturday (8/5) – Strength – squats (didn’t track weight and reps)


Sunday – Bootcamp (1 hour cardio drills) & Arms Day (long, intense session)


Monday – Strength with Metcon

  • Strength: Back squat day!
    • 5 @ 75%
    • 3 @ 80%
    • 1 @ 85%, 90%, and 95%
    • Max reps @ 85% – I did 14 reps at 115!
  • Metcon :
    • 30 calories ski machine, 20 burpees, 10 squat cleans
    • 30 calorie row, 20 burpees, 10 squat cleans


larabarYUMMMMM so good and healthy!  PB&J is a great flavor!


Tuesday – Strength (bench press)

  • 5×3 at 53 lbs with 10 close-hand pushups in between each round
  • Conditioning: (varied exercises in the AMRAP) – 3 min AMRAP, 1 min rest, 4 min AMRAP, 2 min rest, 5 min AMRAP, 1500m row


Wednesday – Strength with Metcon

  • Strength: Front squat day.
    • 8 @ 55%, 4 @ 65%, 4 @ 75%, max reps at 85%
  • Metcon: 6 rounds: 20 seconds of assault bike as hard as you can go.  2 min rest in between.


Thursday – Nothing because I was traveling.  Oh and also didn’t sleep.


Friday – On my own (on vacation), went to a local gym

  • Deadlift: 3×3 @ 55, 60, 65, 70, 75%
  • Shoulders: 3 sets 30 shoulder press (20lb), 10 lateral raises (10lb)


Best Accomplishment?  Back squat day was probably the best because I did all my reps off of 130 (had tested at 108).



Food Finds & Eats

Some favorites for the week?

  • Harvest Snaps – snapea crisps, lentil, and black bean crisps.  These come in multiple flavors and they’re delicious (the ones I’ve had so far).  Just tried the habanero pictured below and they’re pretty good.  The caesar flavor is one of the best!

snap peas

  • Just bought an exercise/fitness notebook as you may have seen last week in my post.  I ended up deciding to keep the Mini Workout Journal (seen below).  For me it was the best fit because it’s small and allows me to just enter the workout without a bunch of other silly stuff (aka “so how did you feel blah blah”).

How was your week in fitness?

backcountry petite signature

  1. Reply


    August 13, 2017

    aww. i feel guilty for not working out today while reading this.


    • Reply


      August 14, 2017

      LOL doesn’t need to be every day!

  2. Reply


    August 13, 2017

    YOU ARE SO INSPIRATIONAL! I could never workout on vacation to be honest, hahah.

    cabin twenty-four

    • Reply


      August 14, 2017

      If you found something you really enjoyed doing, it’s a lot different! I don’t have to drag myself at all then.

  3. Reply

    The Wanderful Mama

    August 14, 2017

    I don’t usually work out on vacation. I work out all the time, so I use vacation as an extended rest period. I think extended rest is actually really important for your body and always come back feeling stronger, so I let myself enjoy my vacation without working out. If I go out of town and have an awesome hotel gym, THEN I might get up early to work out (or if I’m roadtripping and sitting in a car all day). But otherwise, if I go out of the country, I don’t work out.

    • Reply


      August 14, 2017

      If that works for you! Friday is my deadlift day and it’s my favorite thing so i wanted to keep up with it while I was out of town. I have some personal goals that i’d like to hit by the end of the year and want to stay on track!

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