5 Favorite Fitness Items (Oct 2017)

By on October 28, 2017

Fitness Gear

Are you a fitness fanatic or a couch potato ready to start hitting the gym?  Whatever you are, however you like to workout, you usually need a few basics.  You can exercise fairly cheap by doing home videos or joining a local basic gym.  But, some of us prefer more of an organized program with structure and coaching.

You enjoy yoga?  Gotta have some leggings, breathable shirt, and a yoga mat!  Are you into martial arts?  You might need a mouth guard, wrestling shoes, and some other protective gear depending on the specialty.  I started Crossfit nearly 6 months ago but since have transitioned into doing primarily strength training and powerlifting.  Having certain items really help enhance my workouts or make gym time easier.  Here are 5 of my current favorite fitness items!

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favorite fitness items


5 Favorite Fitness Items

1) Dual Shaker Bottle

I use a couple supplements in my workout that I may discuss in another post.  However, because of this, it creates an issue when bringing water to the gym because I have separate water bottles or shakers for my pre-workout, during workout, and protein shake.  I was looking for a solution and came across this dual shaker bottle.  It means I can put my preworkout supplement in one half and my water or during-workout supplement into the other side and only have to bring this one bottle to the gym (of course a protein shake is a separate thing but that doesn’t need to always come with to the gym).  If you’re someone that likes to have separate drinks for before and during, before and after, or however you do things, this has been amazing so far.  It’s 28 ounces so you can keep 14 ounces on either side.  The cap also tightens really well so you don’t have to be concerned about your water spilling.


2) Prana Shorts

I love these shorts – see the photo of me near the top of the post!  It’s hard to find petite shorts like this that fit well instead of being too big on the waist and not in other parts.  I bought these originally for Bikram Yoga, which I was doing last year.  They were perfect to pair with a sports bra and didn’t make me feel self conscious like a lot of spandex shorts might.  I now wear them for Crossfit/Lifting and they’re always my go-to.  I actually get sad when I realize they’re in my dirty laundry basket.


3) Power Crunch Bars

I like to try new protein snacks so I don’t get bored of the same old thing.  I tried a Power Crunch bar and loved it so I wanted to stock up on them and ordered a box online.  Unfortunately I mixed up Power Crunch with thinkThin and accidentally bought a box of the wrong product.  The thinkThin bars are alright but not my favorite and I’ve been trying to finish the box before buying the correct product.  If you love those wafer cookies filled with Oreo-filling-like-goo, you’ll like the Power Crunch too.  Did I mention there’s a red velvet flavor??

4) Breathable Underwear 

I personally prefer to wear fitted bottoms whether it be spandex shorts or leggings.  And I really don’t want underwear lines!  I also don’t want to just wear a regular thong (sorry if TMI) since cotton isn’t the best material for sweating.  I found these Under Armour underwear that have been perfect for my workouts.  They’re super soft and thin with moisture-wicking material.  Multiple colors and patterns available.


5) Exercise/Massage balls

I have a shoulder issue I’m working on with a physical therapist.  Being able to massage the muscles and trigger points is helpful for improving the issue quicker.  My PT recommended these massage balls to use at home.  These particular ones are firm and are used against a wall or a floor as you push against the trigger/sore points.  You can also get softer ones depending on your sensitivity.  I recently went to a yoga class where we utilized the softer massage balls to release the muscles in our lower body.  I haven’t had these long enough to report if they work but they feel good (not as good as a real massage).

If you’re into fitness, what is your favorite item right now?

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    October 28, 2017

    Awesome list! Looks like you hit all the major must-haves for fitness. I have a sweatshirt from Prana and it’s so comfortable.

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      November 6, 2017

      Glad you like it! They’re a great brand 🙂

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