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Adventure From NYC (Transportation Included)!

By on May 8, 2017

Hey NYC!

Do you ever just want to go on a long hike but the trains only make certain stops?  Maybe you want to get up to the Catskills but the only way is so complicated.  You have to spend over $100 to rent a car, get stressed out driving through the crowded city, and plan your drive to try avoiding the tolls.  Have you wanted to go on a Backpacking trip in the Adirondacks but you don’t have all the gear you need (and still have to deal with renting a car)?  Or, are you just looking for a way to connect with some outdoor-loving people?

Yes, there are many hikes you can get to by using transit, but, they tend to be crowded since many city-dwellers take advantage of being able to reach hiking trails without a car.  I stumbled upon a group that eliminates a lot of these hassles and takes care of the organization and transportation for a really wide variety of outdoor adventures.


About Destination Backcountry Adventures (DBA)

Destination Backcountry Adventures was started by someone who just loved the outdoors and decided a corporate job was not the right fit for him.  Coworkers and friends had been asking him if they could come along on some of his hiking excursions.  He had enough knowledge of the backcountry and requests from people for taking these trips that he decided to start a company.

How DBA Works

The owner of Destination Backcountry Adventures, Dave, lives locally in New York City.  With a crew of assistant guides, they arrange the transportation to and from the city with participant pickups both in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  They cap the number participating in each adventure so that everyone can fit [mostly] comfortably in a big van, along with gear.  Besides removing the stress of renting a car, these excursions are an awesome opportunity to meet new friends!

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What Adventures are Available?

Where do we start?  Many of the adventures take place in the Catskills Mountains or Adirondacks Wilderness.  DBA offers a variety of classes, day hikes, overnights, lessons, and other outdoor adventures.  There’s an option for everyone!  You can also become a member of DBA which will lower the prices for each adventure!

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An Interview with Dave, Founder of DBA

About Destination Backcountry Adventures 

What was your motivation for starting Destination Backcountry Adventures?

I had left my corporate job about two and a half years prior, had been guiding for about a year at that point and I realized that, as much as I loved guiding, to really have an impact, I’d need to be more than just a one man operation. So I decided to found DB and put my organizational management and sales experience together with my outdoor leadership skills.

Was there a breaking point that led you to start DBA?

Well, there was a breaking point that led me to leave my corporate job…

What keeps you going when owning a business seems overwhelming? (if it does)

It does.  I like to reread a few of my favorite reviews our hikers have left.  It helps to be reminded of the impact we can have on people.

What was your upbringing in relation to nature and the outdoors?

Nothing out of the ordinary; at least not by the standard of the time.  My folks are both NYC born and raised, though I grew up a bit over an hour north of here, where there was plenty of space for independent exploration in the area. Nothing too wild, by any stretch of the imagination, but enough that I grew up feeling at home under trees, along river’s edge, in lakes, etc.  My mother’s family has a postage stamp of land in the Catskills and we would car camp there, so that was my intro to the Catskills.  My father’s family are recent immigrants, so we did a lot of fishing, shellfish harvesting and such with them.
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Adventures with DBA 

How do you find your assistant guides (What characteristics do you look for)?

I look for the characteristics and innate traits that I can’t teach.  Prior outdoor experience is not nearly as important as innately being the kind of person who cares about another and is enthusiastic about sharing nature.  I can’t teach that. I can teach someone to read a map or start a fire…

Which activities are your favorite to guide?”

Family or beginner hikes and the obscenely hard ones.  Also, anything on a canoe or kayak.

What does DBA offers that other adventure guide groups do not?

We are a more complete experience in all facets of adventure.  For example, our guides are required to complete training in aspects of the profession (management of group dynamic, natural interpretation, etc) that no one else requires.  This result in a better adventure for all.  This philosophy carries over to our menus (with experience we can serve fresh food, accommodating for all tastes).  Our knowledge and experience means we can travel in more remote, less well known destinations.

What, if any, considerations need to be made for a “petite adventurer”?

Mostly backpack and sleeping bag size.  Also remember that temperature extremes may be a challenge, especially cold temps if one is also very lean.

 Ready for Adventure?

Are you ready to try an adventure with Destination Backcountry Adventures?  Book a day hike, backpacking trip, or an outdoor yoga class from among their list of adventures: Full Adventure List.  New to their site is also list of classes labeled Destination Backcountry Academy!  The Academy includes learning to hike, kayak, fish, backpack, even Survival School for those wishing to dive deeper into backcountry survival skills.  Find a list of options here: Destination Backcountry Academy.
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