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By on October 3, 2017

Backcountry Petite

Sepember 2017: Thank you to everyone who has stopped by Backcountry Petite, read our posts, left comments, as well as engaged on social media.

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If you’re new to Backcountry Petite or missed any posts, here’s a roundup of the posts from September 2017:



Resources and Gear

5 Favorite Outdoor Adventure Items (Sept 2017) – These are my favorite 5 adventure items right now!  If you love trying new gear or foods, or are looking for some recommendations, then make sure to check out this monthly feature!

Looking for my complete outdoor gear list?



Petite Athletic Fashion (Sale Picks) – It can be hard to shop as a petite woman so I do my best to search out brands that fit.  Sometimes I share my favorite brands or pieces of clothing that I’ve found, other times it might be clothing on my radar.  The best time to search out new apparel is during a sale anyway!



 GORUCK Constellation – PLEASE make sure to check this post out if you’re looking for an awesome adventure!  GORUCK is a terrific group for adventure enthusiasts and the programs are run by awesome people.  On this adventure, I participated in an “urban survival”  overnight event in New York City.  Up for a unique experience?  This one is practical in the current state of the world, but fun and thrilling at the same time!


8 Tips for Hornet Safety – After a recent run-in on my camping trip in New Jersey, I share this post to help YOU have a better camping experience!


6 Instagrams Will Inspire You To Hike Minnesota ASAP – Make sure to check this out because it was a really popular post!  For those of you that haven’t lived in, or visited Minnesota, you probably have no idea how beautiful it is!  There is tons of great hiking and beautiful lakes and waterfalls to explore that are stunning in all seasons!



Guest Post

What to Look Out for When on an Adventure Holiday – A guest post by Lianne Stewart, Media Consultant offers tips for safety when taking an adventure holiday.

Hurricane Harvey: Texan Resilience – The hurricanes this year were devastating, taking lives and destroying so much property.  Texas was heavily affected by Hurricane Harvey but they stood strong together to help their communities.  This is a guest post from my sister who lives in Austin, Texas and was witness to the communities coming together in times of need.


Best of [Other Blogs]

Best Travel & Blog Posts (9/23) – As always, 3 of my favorite posts of the week from other bloggers.  The first post features a hike in upstate New York that has been on my life list for New York places to visit!  The second post is an interview with amazing women that work in childhood cancer research, a topic close to my heart from my career experience.  The third featured post is about female celebrities that lift heavy weights (current hobby of mine).



In Remembrance of 9/11 – A short post but photos of our visit to the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan.




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