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Best Adventure & Travel Blog Posts of the Week

By on September 23, 2017

Best Adventure & Travel Blog Posts

If you’re new to Backcountry Petite, I occasionally feature some of my favorite recent adventure and travel blog posts from other bloggers.  I select these from among posts I find interesting, applicable to me, and those that I believe my readers will find interesting.  If you want to check out previous favorites, check out the links below!

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#1: A Hike In Watkins Glen State Park // Stories My Suitcase Could Tell

Having been in New York under a year, I haven’t yet been to Watkins Glen State Park but this post has moved it up to priority!  I’m hoping to fit in a visit to this State Park this Fall and if not, definitely early in the Spring.  There are so many amazing places to explore all over New York!

My complete “life list” for New York outdoor adventures!

This post is told from the experience of 3 bloggers that met up at Watkins Glen for a beautiful, scenic hike (did you know it has 19 waterfalls!?).  If you live on the East Coast, check out this blog post for stunning photos and a video as well.


#2: Meet 5 Everygirls Working to Kick Childhood Cancer in the A** // The Everygirl

I was excited to come across this post because I spent a couple years early in my career working in childhood cancer research.  I have worked in general cancer and public health research for most of my jobs but always had a soft spot for pediatric research.  Childhood cancer is a bit different because it’s often genetic rather than environmental.

This article features interviews with 5 women that work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  St. Jude has contributed a lot to cancer research and each of these women has done their part to help during their time at St. Jude.  I enjoyed the fact that each of the 5 women play very different roles with a variety of responsibilities.


If you’ve been following Backcountry Petite you know I’m into lifting heavy weights!  I was excited to come across this post and although my theme is “adventure and travel” posts, I believe fitness is an aspect of adventure.  In my opinion, being in shape and strong can play a huge role in how much you may enjoy certain adventures.  Having back, leg, and shoulder strength means that I can carry a heavier backpack into the wilderness if I want.  It means that if I opt to carry a heavier backpack, my body will be less sore from the weight and I’ll enjoy my trek more.

crossfit weights

If you’re into fitness, I posted my workouts for awhile (see here) and recently picked out some favorite athletic fashion finds for petites (here)!


How important is fitness to YOUR outdoor adventuring?



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