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Best Adventure & Travel Blog Posts of the Week

By on August 27, 2017

Best Adventure & Travel Blog Posts

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaack!  I haven’t done this series in awhile because I tried something different for a few weeks.  A lot of you stopped by to read about my weekly workouts and food finds.  I wanted to integrate fitness into this adventure-focused blog, but have received suggestions and ideas for continuing that in future posts.  If you’re new to Backcountry Petite, I occasionally feature some of my favorite recent adventure and travel blog posts from other bloggers.  I select these from among posts I find interesting, applicable to me, and those that I believe my readers will find interesting.  If you want to check out previous favorites, check out the links below!

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#1: What Exactly Is Ecotourism? \\ Mapping Megan

I featured this post today because I found this post interesting and educational and wanted to spread this information to other readers!  In this post, Megan explains what ecotourism is and how it affects all types of travelers.  Having personally explored different international volunteering experiences recently, I have definitely seen a trend for ecotourism-related projects.  With the rising concern with environmental issues, groups and companies have been doing their best to help.  But, as you will see in this post, ecotourism goes even beyond these environmental issues.  I think it’s an important aspect for all travelers to understand.  Many of us travel around for the food or sightseeing without realizing our impact.  So, if you travel, take a few minutes to read this over!

One of the ways I personally reduce my carbon footprint is to reduce waste from disposable cups.  My favorite ways to drink my water are to use either my Nalgene or Hydroflask!


#2: The Nature Guide to Maine \\ We Blog The World

Maine is a beautiful state with a lot of outdoor areas to visit!  In NYC, this is my first time living on the East Coast and I have so much to explore.  I recently featured Maine in my National Parks of the East Coast, but this guide is specific to amazing places just in Maine.  For you foodies out there, Maine is a must-visit place to get some fantastic and fresh lobster.  If you’re a bucket list type of person, this Guide will probably give you a few places to add to your list especially if you’re an outdoors lover.

Here is one I would love to visit after reading this guide: Quoddy Head State Park

quoddy head state parksource: flickr // The Real Cloud2013


#3: Hiker’s Highlight \\ Back Country Momma

If you enjoy outdoor blogs like ours, you’ll love this one as well!  Danielle’s blog is all about the outdoors, hiking, and yoga as well.  It’s primarily focused on the outdoors for women, especially mothers.  One of their featured post series is “Hiker’s Highlight”, an interview with an avid hiker.  There are a few posts from this series but the most recent is about a solo hiker on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) who also actively practices yoga.  This hiker was inspired to start thru-hiking from reading blogs!

Read our interview with an Appalachian Thru-Hiker


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What do you know about ecotourism?

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    Mile High Dreamers

    August 28, 2017

    I LOVE getting great suggestions for new blogs, and these are fabulous! I also really appreciate the ecotourism focus. We are big nature/wildlife people, and have such an appreciation for the natural world. Getting to be a part of it is a huge blessing, and we hope to explore more of these regions in the future! But in the mean time, we’ll be playing our part and lessen our eco footprint from Colorado by using reusable products, recycling, and not eating meat!

    Susie |

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      August 29, 2017

      That’s great!

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