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Weddings for Adventurous Couples (with Zola)

By on August 18, 2017

Wedding Season

*Note: This post is in collaboration with Zola but NOT a sponsored post*

I’m sure many of you have been attending weddings this summer and have more as the summer comes to an end (noooooooooo!!!!) and the weather cools.  Sure, the end result is usually beautiful and a full night of memorable fun, but wedding planning takes a lot of work even if you try to simplify the details.  I got married last year and it was a lot more work (mostly last minute) than I expected considering I didn’t worry much about the details like decoration or having a wedding party.  And the costs!  I tried to keep mine as low budget as possible but it’s amazing how little things add up and certain things (like a dress) cost so much for something decent!

rachel wedding dressYep, that was mine.


Zola is a wedding website designed to take some of the stress and time out of weddings.  Zola is great not only for the bride (or wedding planner) but also for attendees.  If you’re a bride-to-be, you can easily create your wedding website on Zola with easy customization tools.  Zola allows you to create and manage your guest list as well as communicate with your guests throughout the process.  To stay organized, you can create a checklist with deadlines and keep yourself on track.  Finally, Zola has a registry as well.  There is a huge collection of gifts with more than 450 brands available on their site.  After creating your registry, you can customize it and also create a honeymoon fund if you prefer monetary gifts.

  • OPTIONS.  You can just use Zola for your gift organization: add Zola registry items, experiences such as cooking classes, your honeymoon fund, or gifts from sites even outside of Zola.
  • FREE SHIPPING.  Always FREE shipping and you can have them hold the items that have been purchased and wait to be shipped when your’e ready.
  • GIFT SWAP.  You can decide to swap gifts that have been bought for you before receiving them, or keep Zola store credit in place of the gift.
  • PERSONALIZE.  Personalized registry page.
  • CONVENIENCE.  Convenient app for on the go.
  • GROUP GIFTING.  Create “group gifts” for larger $$ items so multiple people can contribute.
  • PRICE MATCHING.  No explanation here!
  • CONSOLIDATION.  Use their registry manager to import other registries and consolidate on Zola.
  • THANK YOUS.  Thank you manager for after the wedding organization.
  • DISCOUNT.  10% off Zola for a year after your wedding!
  • BONUS.  Get bonus gifts when guests purchase certain items off of your registry.
  • LOW CASH FEE.  Only 2.5% credit card processing fee, which is lower than competitor sites.



Adventurous Couples Wedding

If you’re like me, you think of most weddings as boring, cheesy, and all exactly the same.  But, if you have adventurous friends, perhaps not.  For example, when I got married we decided to hold the wedding across the country from where we were living and never visited to see the venue or meet with any of the vendors.  I didn’t worry and put my trust in them from miles away.  We specifically picked out nontraditional foods (i.e. fried fresh grouper and pig roast) because I didn’t want the lame boring chicken and potatoes that everyone else does.  Although I stuck with a few “wedding things” at my wedding, I went against the grain on quite a few things as well.

Very very recently, Zola partnered with which is personally one of my favorite gear stores.  If you’ve been invited to a wedding for an adventurous couple, there’s some great options to choose from so you have one less thing to worry about getting ready for your friend’s big day!  I’ve selected a handful of some great gear for gifting that is available on the Zola registry!


wedding beachSome little people may have had too much fun at my wedding.


Adventurous Wedding Gifts



Are you ready to get started on ZOLA now? 


rachel wedding sunset adventurous couples wedding

*Wedding photos by Ashlee Hamon*

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    Kim Vo

    August 18, 2017

    Ooh I have heard of Zola but never actually made an account. If it’s free, then I’m up to try anything! Also, I love the wedding dress! So pretty!

    Simply Lovebirds

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      August 20, 2017

      Try it out for your wedding!

      And thanks 🙂 it took forever to find a dress I liked lol

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    August 21, 2017

    Love this!

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      August 21, 2017


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