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6 Instagrams Will Inspire You To Hike Pennsylvania ASAP

By on July 13, 2017

Pennsylvania Beyond Philly & Pittsburgh

What do you think of when you picture visiting Pennsylvania?  Maybe a football game in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh or eating a delicious Philly cheesesteak sandwich?  Pennsylvania is probably not on the top of your vacation destination list at all unless you have family in the area.  When you think of beautiful places to hike, Pennsylvania is often overlooked.

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I am part of  #ICE2017, an initiative to spread the word about Pennsylvania’s beauty (especially Western PA) outdoors.  Besides the Poconos, there are great areas to hike and explore all over the state; AllTrails lists over 1,000 trails within the state of Pennsylvania.  There will be more to come in relation to PA and other nearby east coast trails as I connect more with the ICE2017 group but I want to share a few photos that might make you think twice about dismissing Pennsylvania as an outdoor adventure destination!

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6 Instagrams Inspring You to Hike Pennsylvania

Instagram #1: “patrickkkto

If you love winter sports, this is a great account to follow because he’s an avid snowboarder (love THIS pic).  Although many photos are from winter, there are a lot of beautiful photos of the Pennsylvania landscape (and quite a few of his adorable husky).


Instagram #2: “loyalsocks

This local Pennsylvania hiker loves taking photos of waterfalls (from all over, not just PA).  Along with amazing exposures of various falls, Mike “loyalsocks” really captures the beauty of Pennsylvania with landscape photos including colorful sunsets.  He does a lot of long exposure photography, and if you’re not familiar with this style you’ll soon understand as you look through his photos!

A post shared by Mike Servedio (@loyalsocks) on


Instagram #3: “danielleknegri

These photos are all I need to for inspiration to travel to Pennsylvania: her captions are captivating and emotional and the photos are mesmerizing.  She’s quite the adventurer – can you tell?


Instagram #4: “pa_sportsman

Just check out this sunset shot (here) and you’ll understand why this Instagram is inspirational to get outside and explore Pennsylvania.  If you’re interested in fishing this is also a great account to follow!

A post shared by Dan Brophy ?? (@pa_sportsman) on


Instagram #5: “shawnclaudevandam

He’s the curator for the Pennsylvania Collective, which in itself is a collection of beautiful photos of Pennsylvania from various Instagram users.  There are a bunch more great photos of waterfalls and also some of city life for some variety.


Instagram #6: “mystichorizonphotography

This account comes from an award-winning landscape photographer and hiker.  There are more photos with people in it in comparison to the other accounts that are more focused on landscape.  But, there are also some magnificent sunsets (like this)!


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    July 13, 2017

    What pretty instagrams! I love the dog picture and the name “loyalsocks” haha!


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      July 17, 2017

      Thanks! 🙂

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