6 Instagrams Will Inspire You To Hike Minnesota ASAP

By on September 13, 2017

Minnesota Girl at Heart

I didn’t live in Minnesota my entire life, nor was I born there.  But I spent many years there growing up and quite a few as an adult as well.  It’s the place I’m most familiar with and I’d say I’m a Midwest girl, Minnesota at heart.  I do NOT say “dontcha know? and “you betcha” but if I asked you about a BOAT, you might know I’m from Minnesota.  I’ve heard my fair share of Sven, Ole, and Lena jokes and yes, my dad sometimes attends lutefisk dinners.

I wish I had spent more time to hike Minnesota because it truly is a beautiful state.  I know most people just think it’s always cold but a) it’s not and b) even when it is, the vast snowfalls covering the yards and trees can be quite captivating.  Winter drives many people away, including me.  Every winter so many people say “I’m out of here” instead of appreciating what there is or taking advantage of winter sports.

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I’ve been gone over 2 years.  Leaving Minnesota made me appreciate Minnesota.  Does that make sense?  I realize all the things I took for granted while I lived there; amazing food and culture, beautiful lakes and state parks, nice people, and great communities.  One of the longer trails I’d love to do in the near future would be the Superior Lake Trail along Lake Superior.  If you haven’t yet been to Minnesota, these Instagram accounts will inspire you to get there and do some hiking!  There’s a ton of hiking and biking trails all over, and over 10,000 lakes for swimming, canoeing, and polar plunging!

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6 Instagrams Inspring You to Hike Minnesota

Instagram #1: nelspez

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How does this guy not have more followers?  With beautiful scenery captured around the state including some of the sparkling 10,000 lakes of Minnesota, these photos are sure to mesmerize.  Make sure to check out some of his beautiful winter photos of Lake Superior on the North Shore.  I’ve been there myself and it’s definitely one of the most beautiful places to hike.


Instagram #2: ser.jacob

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Did you know you can see the Northern Lights from upstate Minnesota?  This “Minnstagrammer” has captured some amazing shots of the sky from Northern Minnesota.  If you’re into landscapes with sparkling lakes and colorful clouds, this is a great account to follow.  There are a lot of great shots from his camera that could easily be framed as they are now.


Where else can you see the Northern Lights in the U.S.?


Instagram #3: nordcraftmn

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Minnesota life at it’s best.  Fishing, biking, and enjoying the outdoors (with your dog).  This guy has a great adventure dog that seems to accompany a lot of his excursions!  He has a great variety of landscape photos, dogs enjoying the outdoors, and outdoor life in Minnesota.  Minnesotans spent a ton of time outdoors once the snow melts and many keep adventuring through the snow.  It’s great to see photos from all seasons.


Instagram #4: minnesotahiking

Wow, I wanted to share like 50 of her photos because they’re SO beautiful!  If you love looking at photos of nature, wilderness hiking trails, and waterfalls, check out her Instagram.  Oh, and don’t forget captivating sunsets over serene lakes!  I looked through the locations marked in her photos and you might be surprised to learn that many of them are within the suburbs of the Twin Cities.  You don’t need to drive hours and hours to find quiet hiking areas like you do when you live in NYC.


Instagram #5: michelleeburk

This girl is amazing!  It seems like she’s been all over the country to experience some amazing hikes.  Similar to me, she’s lived both in Minnesota and in Arizona, getting to experience a variety of landscapes.  Also, I just got really excited that she has a photo in the Winona bluffs (my alma mater!).


Instagram #6: ksorensonphoto

One of my favorite things about Kristina’s account is that she doesn’t neglect to capture the beauty of a Minnesota winter.  Yes, winter can be long and dreary, but getting outside makes it a lot more tolerable.  Plus, before snow turns to dirty slush, winter in Minnesota is beautiful.  Also, she loves sunsets which I can never get enough of!



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    September 15, 2017

    Wow I had no idea that you could see the northern lights from Minnesota! What a beautiful underrated state!

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    September 15, 2017

    That first insta with the cliffs is SO PRETTY! I’ve only ever flown through Minnesota, but I keep hearing how lovely it is. And I had no idea you could see the Norther Lights up there – that’s amazing!

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      September 17, 2017

      there were so many beautiful photos to choose from but i really love that photo too!

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